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Why choose Hand Crafted Framing?

We started HCF to provide solutions for photographers looking to take control of the final presentation of their images and business. Taking control of your business starts with taking control of your products. Even with all the social media marketing manuals, books and videos it still boils down to providing a product that YOUR clients will want at a good value.


Why should you invest the effort?

In the photography business your images are your calling card and will get you that consultation, session or access to the decision maker. Framing is one of the easiest ways to control the final presentation of your images. Yes, there is direct profit in framing that can provide up to one-third more business compared to a non-framing photographer. The real winner is the hidden indirect profit, which is almost immeasurable.


Permanent art exhibit featuring your work

The hidden profit comes from your work on people’s walls. Each client is an opportunity to have your art on exhibition AND get paid for doing it! There are two reasons your clients will love to see their homes turned into a gallery of life memories:  A. They love their kids B. They want to share that with family members, neighbors, bunko friends, business partners and more. Guess who this group of people becomes? Your new clients - and the best thing of all is that they EXPECT you to be able to do the same thing with their family & walls.


They want you, you want them

The types of client that you receive are highly pre-qualified which leads to better overall experience for both sides. It saves you time, leads to greater client satisfaction and makes you a better photographer. Don’t miss how important this is for those living in a small town, working part time or studios carving out their niche in a big market. You must maximize your sales with every client so you don’t need to shoot tons of sessions to be profitable.


Okay now what? Don’t worry we are here for you!

It is exciting to have an idea to make things go forward in a new direction and get that spark of energy for the business side of your photography. Next comes implementation, the rolling up of sleeves and getting down to business. This is where we can help you from our 15 years in the industry as personal studio owners, connections to industry trendsetters and from working with over 500 studios.


One size doesn’t fit all

Our bank of photography studio clients includes photography studios of all sizes, geographies and demographics. We work closely with each one to come up with a plan for success that is right them. Quality of life is our personal business goal and we share that plan with our photographers. Together working with the resources available we will come up with a plan for implementing change for your studio to get your clients framing and your work on display in their homes.


Why will we do all this together with you?

It is the right thing to do. Help others first and you will be helped in the end. We feel that being part of your success is something worth doing. Nobody will remember how many frames they buy over the next 10 years but we all remember when a company or somebody went out of their way to help. We plan on a long term relationship with our photographers so please feel free to take the time to give us a call anytime. We are here for you. We are here to serve.

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