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2013 Discontinued Items

Mouldings: 8890, G1018, G1550-75, G8992, R8866, R9895, R9896, R325-35, R8956, R305-470, I8562, I9341, I8563
Fillets - FS01, FW01

2012 Discontinued Items

Mouldings - 300-915, 300-920, 300-925, 300-930, 960, G9186, G9240, R625-70, I365, I8562

Mats - We have upgraded all mats to conservation grade. See Category "Mat Colors" for current and discontinued mats. We suggest our "Mat Caddy" which is a great storage and display box that contains ALL of our current mats.

PREEVU USERS: Please make sure you are running your synchronizer and managing the visibility of vendor components so your software stays up to date.

Click here for the tutorial on the Data Synchronizer. Click here for the tutorial on Managing Product Visibility.

2011 Discontinued Items

Mouldings - G2008, G9240, G441010, G442010, G443010, R633, R3582, R8247, R8157, R9146, I2011, I2012, I2020

Mats - Parchment, Calabash, Green, Suede Saddle, Lounge. See updated Mat Page here

2010 Discontinued Items

Mouldings - R3582, R9895, R9896, R8247

Mats - Green

2009 Discontinued Items

Mouldings (still have some stock of each) - G828, G9990, G3536, R9980, R3024, I10134

Readymades - Charleston, Charlotte Gold & Silver, Raleigh Gold & Silver

Mats - Black Forest (Replace with Black Night), Graphite (Replace with Mercury), Glacier, Copper, Hershey (Replace with Java), Textured Spice (Replace with Calabash), Sage, Block Gold, Shadow, Teak, Silver Plated (Replace with Mercury), South Beach (Replace with Sand)

2008 Discontinued Items

Mouldings (still have some stock of each) - Oatmeal Liner, 99401, G8793, R3531, R8220, R9993, I824, G10144 (very limited stock)

Mats - Riverbed (replace with Fudge), Eggshell (replace with Concrete), Stone (replace with Glacier)

Fillets - FB01 (replace with FB04)

2007 Discontinued Items

Mouldings - 417 (limited), 8214 (limited), 10040 (limited), G8791, G8792, G10114, R10113, R9994 (still have stock), R169, I3579

Readymades - Carolina, Knoxville Silver, Jacksonville

2006 Discontinued Items

Mouldings - 71, 721 (limited amt left), 8216, 8217, 8218, G60, G9890, R9827 (still have stock), R9723, R9819, R9826, R252222, R687316

Mats - Etched Silver

last updated 03/12/2013

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