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Name (replaces) Core Description Max Suggested Combinations
adobe white textured with mottled brown tones 32x40 pecan, sienna, white
aperture (concrete-glacier) white textured cream base brown speckle 32x40 gold, white, doeskin
bambi (filbert) white lightly textured solid brown 32x40 mist, sand, black wc
black wc white smooth solid black with white core 32x40 terracotta, hopi tan, charcoal, gold, sand
black bc black same as above with black core 32x40 chocolate bc, cranapple bc, white bc
black night white textured pattern with soft black tones 32x40 picante, grove oak, chocolate, pumpkin
black night bc black same as above with black core 32x40 fallow bc, doeskin bc, cranapple, white
blizzard (alabaster) white light textured with flakes soft white 32x40 charcoal, black, tv gray
blue bayou white textured with mottled blue-green tones 32x40 black wc, white, satin, charcoal
blue satin (sky) white smooth soft solid baby blue 32x40 silver, tv gray, topsail white
bronze (copper) white metallic burnished varied copper 32x40 poppyseed, adobe, chocolate, mudpuddle
brown sugar white lightly textured varied brown 32x40 doeskin, black, seagull, candlewick, satin
candlewick white textured cream with irregular red swirl 32x40 seagull, brown sugar, black, pecan
candlewick bc black same as above with black core 32x40 black night bc, black bc, porcelain bc
charcoal (dark ash) white smooth light black-deep gray 32x40 brown sugar, bambi, sand, blue bayou
chocolate (cappucino) white lightly textured deep brown 32x40 poppyseed, black, fallow, exposure, corn husk
chocolate bc black same as above with black core 32x40 black bc, porcelain bc, candlewick bc
corn husk white textured light biege with subtle pattern 32x40 pumpkin, egg crème, chocolate, khaki, fallow
cranapple white textured deep red-dk brown black swirl 32x40 exposure, fallow, sienna, black
cranapple bc (picante bc) black same as above with black core 32x40 fallow bc, black bc, black night bc
cream 8 ply white smooth cream double thick 32x40 single layer
dark camel white textured medium brown subtle pattern 32x40 brown sugar, oyster, pecan, terracotta
derby bc black textured brown varied dark tones 32x40 black bc, fallow bc, doeskin bc
del rio white rich brown faux rolled leather pattern 32x40 laredo, egg crème, khaki
doe skin white textured creamy biege subtle pattern 32x40 adobe, fallow, pecan, egg crème
doe skin bc black same as above with black core 32x40 cranapple bc, fallow bc, candlewick bc
egg crème (parchmt-butter) white light textured ivory cream basic 32x40 gold, warm white, terracotta, rock, hopi tan
exposure (tan-suede-lounge) white textured with speckled browns 32x40 brown sugar, black night, focus, bambi
Name (replaces) Core Description Max Suggested Combinations
fallow bc black same as above with black core 32x40 black night bc, doeskin bc, chocolate bc
focus (rootbeer) white textured black with speckles 32x40 corn husk, green apple, cranapple, tv gray
fudge (riverbed) white textured dark brown with dark tones 32x40 gold, chocolate, sand, doeskin
gold (gold relic) white soft metallic gold 32x40 sand, off white, corn husk, egg crème
gray 8 ply white smooth soft gray double thick 32x40 single layer
green apple white textured green with black pattern 32x40 black, satin, tv gray, sand
grove oak white textured brown-green tones 32x40 black night, dark camel, egg crème, pecan
gunmetal white textured gray mottled pattern 32x40 satin, charcoal, silver shore
holiday red white smooth Christmas-bulldog red 32x40 black, topsail white, white
hopi tan (pewter-pebble) white lightly textured medium tan 32x40 corn husk, fallow, seagull, chocolate
java white textured maroon with dark tones 32x40 khaki, hopi tan, black, sand
khaki white lightly textured true khaki 32x40 sand, black, seagull, oyster, poppyseed
laredo white deep brown faux rolled leather pattern 32x40 bambi, gold, sienna
mist gray lightly textured light gray or tan 32x40 bambi, hopi tan, oyster, sourdough
mudpuddle white textured deep brown with black swirls 32x40 poppyseed, doeskin, brown sugar
mudpuddle bc black same as above with black core 32x40 doeskin bc, chocolate, bc, porcelain bc
navy blue white smooth navy blue 32x40 white, tv gray, silver
off white (ivory) white lightly textured creamy ivory tone 32x40 gold, satin, seagull, aperture
oyster (alabaster-smoke) white lightly textured off-white 32x40 satin, silver, tv gray, charcoal, candlewick
pecan (rattan) white smooth light brown 32x40 seagull, candlewick, dark camel
picante (persimmon) white textured deep red with black swirl 32x40 black, fallow, hopi tan, rock, sienna
pink blush (pink) white smooth light pink 32x40 oyster, white, egg crème, satin
poppyseed white textured pattern with varied brown tone 32x40 mudpuddle, black night, brown sugar, hopi tan
porcelain bc (spice) black creamy off-white with black core 32x40 porcelain bc, black bc, sand
pumpkin white lightly textured October-Auburn orange 32x40 black, sand, white, navy
raphael white light pattern with white undertones 32x40 hopi tan, bambi, brown sugar
rock white lightly textured light red 32x40 white, black, silver, gold, picante
rum white textured heavily distressed green-brown 32x40 charcoal, khaki, bambi
sand (south beach) white lightly textured light tan 40x60 brown sugar, satin, candlewick, sourdough
satin white smooth champagne metallic 32x40 warm white, seagull, sourdough, sand
seagull (sage) white lightly textured mild gray tones 32x40 brown sugar, candlewick, pecan, white
sienna (pyro brown) white lightly textured medium brown 32x40 mudpuddle, black, poppyseed, pecan
silver white smooth silver metallic 32x40 oyster, tv gray, seagull, grove oak
silver plated (mercury) white silver metallic with speckled gold 32x40 sourdough, sand, warm white, seagull
silver shore white textured heavily distressed silver-tan 32x40 satin, topsail white, rum
sourdough white textured creamy light tan with swirl 32x40 sand, porcelain, seagull, brown sugar
summer green white lightly textured dark green 32x40 black, brown sugar, oyster
terracotta white lightly textured rust color 32x40 silver, egg crème, sand, poppyseed
topsail white (antique) white lightly textured creamy white 32x40 sand, pink, candlewick, sourdough
tv gray (gray) white smooth medium gray 32x40 silver, oyster, black, white
warm white white smooth soft white 32x40 warm white, khaki, summer green
wasabi white lightly textured baby green 32x40 white, silver, sourdough
white white smooth pure white 40x60 white, doeskin, black, oyster, tv gray
white 8 ply white smooth pure white double thick 32x40 single layer
white bc black soft white with black core 32x40 white bc, black bc, porcelain bc
white black layer wht-blk white surface two part wht-blk core 32x40 single layer

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