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MatCaddy with All New Mat Samples

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Announcing Hand Crafted Framing's all new MatCaddy with Mat Samples! Now you can display all your HCF mat samples in a convenient carrier. It can be used on-site or in-studio and get this -- it includes our all new conservation grade line of mat samples. The HCF MatCaddy is about 8 in x 6 in x 6 in and comes in classic black color. It is lined inside to keep all your HCF Mat Samples and Fillets in order.
The exciting new mat samples are ALL CONSERVATION GRADE. What does this mean? Now you can proudly offer your matted images and be confident that they will - last a lifetime. Conservation grade matting really is the best choice for framing photography. Not only is this a smart thing to do for your clients, it is also puts you a level up on the competition. And best of all NO PRICE INCREASES will currently be necessary even for these much upgraded matting options.
We have made it easy to use our all new matting system by including information on the back of each mat such as Name, Max Size, Previous Discontinued and New Mat Combination Suggestions.  The New Mats include black core, 8 ply, textured and smooth samples all researched for the special design needs of photographers.  HCF matting is setup with a very simple one level pricing structure too.  There is also an update to the matting summary page of the pricelist with information on availability, core color combination suggestions and more...

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