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Quick product update: G2014 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please remove your corner sample. If you have a wall display with that moulding and would like to replace it, then give us a call.  We will replace that display frame for 50% Off wholesale.
Just posted :: All New Value Series of frame products  Click here to see our initial offerings
Now you can use HCF for all your photography framing needs. You can now get budget friendly framing from the same source you get your high-end wholesale custom framing. And of course you will still get that great HCF customer service.

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Welcome to Hand Crafted Framing. We will help you preserve your memories with high quality; custom framing that will accent any home. What began as a studio in the South, has happily grown into a full service wholesale framing company. Our moulding, mat and specialty items have been hand-selected. Our  intention  is  to  specialize  in
designing and supplying timeless portrait frames for photographers that are passed down from generation to generation. If you are a non photographer interested in our framing products, then please contact us and we will locate the closest supplier in your area. Professional Photographers can create an account by clicking here.


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